COUNTRY: Indonesia

BACKGROUND: Architecture


FINAL PROJECT: A Knowledge-and-Innovation-Based City in Western Grand Paris

SUPERVISOR: José Antonio Blasco

Growing up in one of the largest and busiest metropolis and having lived in and travelled to many different cities have showed me the complexities of urban life and how public space plays an important role concerning the quality of life in a city. I graduated in architecture and I have been working as an interior designer for the past five years. I chose to take part in this Master because it’s very specific, it’s not about urban design in a large scale but it touches the smaller scale that is related to the experience of human being and how we put it in an urban context. It’s something that is relatable to everyone as inhabitants of a city and it’s very relevant to a lot of issues that we’re facing these days in contemporary cities.

Studying this Master has allowed me to go in depth on the complexities of urban issues and the many aspects related. It has been an eye opener to a lot of interesting things not just in architectonical field, but also art, technology, graphic design, communication, sustainability, history, culture, and many others. Being in Madrid and Milan, not only we got to learn different matters of the subject, the container and the content, but also different approaches in the method of learning and executing which complement each other. The program is more of a practical professional learning with lectures and visits, which were always welcomed with enthusiasm to be inspired by different speakers each day, and workshops, which allowed us to put all of the knowledge we got directly on projects. The internship was also a significant experience getting to know how things work in real practice. And not less importantly, it has been an invaluable time spent being in a multicultural environment with friends coming from different parts the world.

The internship was also a significant experience getting to know how things work in real practice. In the office I was involved on an urban regeneration competition project about Corviale, a 1km long social housing in Rome, which has been a public issue for decades. I worked in an interdisciplinary group with people coming from different backgrounds: architects (ma0/emmeazero), artists and sociologists (Stalker and Arti Civiche), environmental architects (ARCò Architecture and Cooperation, from Milan), and also structure engineer (Ing. Francesco Novelli, the original structure engineer who worked on Corviale when it was built). In this project I learned how to tackle a complicated urban issue in a structural framework step by step from one point to another. I learned the importance to incorporate urban participation in a large-scale urban project and also the basic principle of circular economy, how to sustain an urban environment with what exists on site. The project won an honorable mention award.