BACKGROUND: Architecture

INTERNSHIP: SGS Architetti Associati, Milano

My name is Ayman Alanssary. I was born and studied in Syria. I graduated from architecture in 2013 with academic distinction. After graduation, I worked as a freelancer, learned Arabic calligraphy; and I made subsidiary studies in demography.

There are a number of reasons that brought me to this master. First, its balance between practice and research. Second, the growing interest in public spaces in the successful and conscious cities. Third, coming from a country where we lack public spaces and public life culture; and is going through war and destruction.

In this master, I appreciated the experience of the two cities. Milan and Madrid were ideal cities for the program. The many lectures we had by lecturers from different fields inspired me and opened my eye to new issues.

Living in an age of globalization and similarity – and having spent most of my life far from my city – raised my interest to do research in placemaking, humanizing, context, localization, intersection between the built environment with psychology and sociology.

Urban design is new as a profession. This is the century of cities. The future is urban.

If you would like to contact me: ayman al-anssary@hotmail.com

Ayman Alanssary-Sittard competition (1)Ayman Alanssary-Sittard competition (2)

  • Name of the competition: Set foot in Sittard
  • Purpose of the competition: Urban regeneration
  • Location: the city of Sittard, Netherlands
  • Studio: SGS architetti associati, Milan, Italy
  • The project received the third prize

Brief of the proposal: the competition asked for a city regeneration proposal that deals with the issues of vacant promises, division of the city center, and the decline of the character of the city. The project proposed the idea of a slow city as a goal for the urban regeneration. It was an invitation for Sittard to become a slow city. It proposed five physical and non-physical strategies to address the issues of the city and to drive the regeneration to achieve the goal of becoming a slow city. The proposal ended up with a framework to apply the strategies on reality.

  • Role of Ayman: In the first phase, he worked on the concept and the strategies of the project. In the second phase, he collaborated with the team to develop the idea and produce the final design with the supervision of the two head architects of the studio.

You can find the proposal of the competition on the official website of the competition organizers: SGS ASSOCIATI SLOW CITY

or you can download it in the attachments (higher resolution).