Governance will be basic in order to all the citizen will identify with the strategic vision that we want to set up, according with Principles of Metropolitan OECD’s

– Identity and consensus: involves setting reference territories for its population, to create a sense of belonging and solidarity. Establishing discussion forums on metropolitan areas.

– Accountable: A clear division of tasks, responsibilities and power in the case of conception, as close as possible to the citizen.

– Transparent: Institutions and main stakeholder of the governance process should work in an open way and explain how decisions are made.

– Responsive government actions, public hearings, and information processes of the current proceedings.

– Equitable and inclusive: Policies and actions have to be coherent and easy to comprehend and understand, with all the stakeholders and institutions involved in these processes.

– Effective and Efficient: Decisions in urban politics and Metropolitan Governance have to be timely and should be well founded on clear objectives,

– Follow the rules of law: In the absence of metropolitan government. All must adopt the metropolitan area as relevant territory to reorganize the administrative division.

– Participatory: Regional stakeholder should become involved in the policy making process from the conception phase to the implementation (principle of equality).

– Sustainability: The central objective of governance activities should be an economic environmental and social sustainable development.

Alberto Leboreiro


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