We represent abstract thought through the concrete and through words;, through the analysis of an object meant as distinct form. The Alhambra in Granada, the Place Stanislas in Nancy, the works of the Land-Art, all express the enduring nature of the ephemeral. In these places, materials are used in order to discover an unknown substance: the velvety charcoal, the hardness of the water, the soft and youthful skin of a shadow, the endurance a gypsum board, the fragility of a stalk of iron, the closeness of the distant, the static of time, the inert of the living being, the fragility of a wall.

From the analysis of these dichotomies in that time of contemplation and from the perception of two or more elements nearby – the dynamism of a pond still is a waterfall – we extract emotions that pervade our reason.

The intellect does not perceive, the senses do not think. We use the material as a union between the technical and emotional; between the engineering and the decorative. We use is as a tool of expression of our thought, sending information to our senses, pervading our being through images, metaphors, analogies, models, signs, symbols or allegories, stitching thought and imagination to reach sublimation.