COUNTRY: Uruguay

BACKGROUND: Architecture


FINAL PROJECT: REAME Theatrum Naturae – tutor: José Antonio Blasco

My name is Rosalia Tanoni, I graduated as an Architect from the ORT University in Montevideo (Uruguay) in May 2011. After graduating I worked at an architect’s office for two years, where I participated in all phases of design and construction processes. I am interested in developing a professional career in the area of ​​urban spaces at different scales and in acquiring knowledge and tools to contribute in the social level, improving the quality of spaces and the quality of life of its inhabitants. Technological development and the emergence of new forms of communication have been a major change in the design of architectural and urban spaces, and as professionals we must face the constant transformation and adaptation thereof. Thus, I want to approach the study of spaces with a critical perspective in order to contribute at social and environmental levels, taking into account the importance of culture as an fundamental part of urban development.