BACKGROUND: Interior Design

INTERNSHIP: Castelli Design

FINAL PROJECT: URBAN CARE. New dematerialized approach in Milan public space design – tutor: Clino T. Castelli and Luciano Crespi

VIDEO: [MUID] Student Interviews: Riccardo Giustini (ITALY)

I am an interior designer who graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 2012 with honors. After receiving my degree, I did some private apartment and house renovations as well as graphic design work for a Milanese clothing store. I applied to join the [MUID] project with the desire of adding something relevant and new to my knowledge about interior design. I have noticed how nowadays many people (and me first of all) need to be able to live their cities in an epoch when the houses are smaller and smaller year after year, and how important is to be living again a new public sociality in an individualistic era in which human feelings are closed into small objects such as smartphones and open to big systems like internet is, at the same time. I think that the future of our cities is to be seen as big social apartments, where squares become rooms, parks become gardens and streets become our corridors, where citizens can share their lives and desires. Designing and projecting for me is fun and passion, and I hope that with passion and fun we will have quality in our future, for every job and in every aspect of our urban lives.