BACKGROUND: Architecture

INTERNSHIP: Cino Zucchi Architetti

FINAL PROJECT: TERRACES IN MADRID. Occupation of Public Space with Private Uses – tutor: Belén Hermida

I am César Buquerín and I come from Madrid. I am a registered architect who graduated with honours from University CEU San Pablo in 2013. I have worked in collaboration with several studios in Madrid and I have founded my own studio with friends called “lambdamasuno”. I am a creative, constant and serious person. For me, architecture is a way to make people’s life better and easier. I think our creative skills must be very important in our daily work. However, we should use our abilities in order to solve problems, not in an anecdotical form. I am very interested in researching about different ways of life today. Life is continuously changing and we have to adapt to new technologies. Therefore, contemporary housing and public space should offer versatility and adaption to constant movement. These are the things that interest me now and in which I would like to focus my studies.