Pablo CAMPOS CALVO-SOTELO, who was awarded his doctorate in architecture by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, is a Senior Lecturer of Architectural Composition at the Escuela Politécnica Superior, a division of the Universidad CEU-San Pablo.

Expanding on his doctoral thesis, in the book La Universidad en España. Historia, Urbanismo y Arquitectura (Spanish Ministries of Development and Education, 2000) Campos carried out the most comprehensive urban-planning and architectural survey of Spanish universities so far undertaken.

He is the author of a wide range of articles published in planning and architectural journals, including: Planning on Educational Building-PEB-Exchange (OECD), Society for College and University Planning (United States), La Cuestión Universitaria (UNESCO Chair), Aula (Universidad de Salamanca), and Higher Education Policy (International Association of Universities IAU-UNESCO).