Luis Barrero studied architecture at ETSAM, the Polytechnic School of Madrid. Currently he is working on his PhD about the influence of audiovisual media and the new technologies in space perception. Since 2006 he has worked as guest professor in the “Urbanism Workshop Project” at ETSAM Madrid. In 2007 he opened up his architecture studio LiB_studio.

He teaches Interior Design Project Workshop, Psychology and Spacial Perception Workshop. He is the main coordinator of the Master Degree in Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Salamanca. He teaches Creation and Staging of Expositions Workshop at the Master Degree Evaluation and Administration of Historical Art Sites and co-teaches the course “Design for Everyone: Environmental Design and Therapeutic Spaces for Alzheimer Desease”, as part Master Degree in Alzheimer’s Desease and Other Demential Dissorders at University of Salamanca.

Recently he has created with other architects the SCA association (Society, City and Architecture) of which he is vice-president. He has entered many competitions, won several awards and has published several works, spoken at several conferences and many debates forums. His work has been published in different reviews, blogs and magazines like Arquitectos, Pasajes de Arquitecturas or Fisuras.