Architect by the ETSAM in 1989, with the cum laude qualification and selected for the Venice Biennale, participating with this same project in several national exhibitions.

Accredited with the Master in architectural projects, the Camuñas Foundation in 1991 which gave architects such as Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Julio Cano Lasso, Javier Carvajal Ferrer, Salvador Pérez Arroyo and Antonio Fernández Alba among others.His work has been published in various journals, having worked on several projects both residential units in others, in Madrid, Segovia, Tarragona, Granada and Barcelona, as well as in urban planning projects.

In 2000, receives the prize along with other architects in the 6th Edition of Architects Young Spaniards Camuñas Foundation by the headquarters of Papelera Peninsular Industry located in the estate of the Cantueña, Fuenlabrada. Madrid. Selected as a finalist for the COAM award of that year. He had received the first prize in the competition for a leisure centre in Puerto José Banús in Marbella, Málaga.

He is a Professor of the Master in Advanced Studies of Architectural Projects at the top of architecture San Pablo Ceu University, 2012-2013. He has taught at CEU Polytechnic University since 2009.