Gianni Forcolini architect and designer


  • teacher and researcher in Lighting Design at Design School, Polytechnic of Milan.
  • exercise architect profession from the 1978.
  • adviser AIDI (Italian Association of Illumination) from 1998 to the 2006.
  • member of the Permanent Observatory of the Design ADI (Association for the Industrial Design) from the 2001.


In 1983 he founds “STUDIOFORCOLINI light & lighting” with center in Milan, in which it deals him with planning of fittings and instruments of illumination:

  • lighting design for interior and exterior environments integrated to the architectural planning, urbanism and landscape;
  • industrial design of objects, luminaires, light fittings, systems of illumination.


It plans light for museums, galleries of art, shops, show-room, commercial centers, offices, residences, sporting fittings, parks and gardens, urban areas, monumental complexes.


Among the recent ones:

  • Lighting of the show “Italian Primo Ottocento hundred”, Room of the Caryatids and Royal Building, Milan, 1995
  • Lighting of the show “Works of Alik Cavaliere”, Room of the Caryatids and Royal Building, Milan, 1996
  • Lighting of the Cathedral of St. Nicola and gardens adjacent to St. Pietroburgo 1998.
  • External Lighting of Building Beltrami, Building of the Captain of Justice, Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, Sea Building, Theater to the Staircase in Milan 1998.
  • Lighting of the Door of Sant’Agostino, Tall City, Bergamo 2000.
  • Lighting of the shows “Dynamic Light” within the fairs “Sure Electricity”, Padua, 2002, and “Elettro”, Florence 2002.
  • Lighting of the show “Giacomo’s Manzù Works”, Gallery of Modern and Contemporary art, Bergamo 2008.
  • Lighting of the altar borromaico of St. Joseph, northern side aisle of the Cathedral in Milan 2009.
  • Lighting of the altar “Presentazione al Tempio di Maria bambina”, southern side aisle of the Cathedral in Milan 2010.


From 1998 he/she works to the executive planning of fittings of urban illumination on behalf of AEM within the


From 1982 it does publishing job and with collaborations to magazines of architecture, furnishings of insides, building technologies. It is author of wise man and memories for conferences, seminars and congresses. It is author of books on the Lighting Design:


  • “Illuminazione di interni”, Hoepli, Milano,1988
  • ” Illuminazione di esterni”, Hoepli, Milan, 1993
  • “Illuminare con i condotti ottici”, Hoepli, Milan, 1999
  • “Lighting Handbook”, Tecniche Nuove, Milan, 1999
  • “Illuminazione di parchi e giardini”, Calderini-Edagricole, Bologna, 2000
  • “Luce dinamica”, Tecniche Nuove, Milan, 2003
  • “Lighting”, Hoepli, Milan, 2004 “Light for the house”, Hoepli, Milan, 2007
  • “Illuminazione LED”, Hoepli, Milan, 2008
  • VV “Light Art”, Maggioli, Milan, 2008
  • “La Luce del Museo”, Maggioli, Milan, 2012
  • VV “Urban setting”, Maggioli, Milan, 2013


From 1996 it develops activity of teacher and researcher of Lighting Design near the Faculty of the Design, Polytechnic of Milan.