Fernando Porras-Isla, architect by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Founder and principal of the firms Porras La Casta Arquitectos (since  1988) and Mrio arquitectos (since 2005).
He has worked as editor of the magazines “Arquitectura” (published by the Association of Architects of Madrid) and “Bau” (published by the Association of Architects of Castilla y León and Cantabria).
He currently teaches at the Universidad Europea de Madrid where he leads the Master in 21st Century Cities. He is co-author of the Madrid Rio Project (awarded with the City and Landscape FAD Prize 2012) and the Restauration of the Historic Center of Isla, Cantabria, (awarded with the Hispania Nostra Prize of Patrimony and Landscape 2012)
Author, among others, of Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture (Ed. Actar, Barcelona 2002) and Lanscapes in the City (Ed. Turner, Madrid 2014).