Designer, Ph.D. in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication.

The profile of the researcher is on the border between Interior Design and exploitation of Cultural Heritage, even on a large scale (urban and rural), as well in the survey of specific implications of Intangible assets arising therefrom.

Her doctoral thesis has particularly explored the theme of the cultural implications (related to the opportunity to develop attachment and therefore wellbeing/positive fruition) in the complex interaction man-fitted space, including objects of use and situated practices. The hypothesis on background is that emergent behaviors are observable in the use and, beyond that, in the conception of space and public space in particular. The designer is called to respond to this demand for “plausible space”, in which the “equipment” of space can act and be acted, to meet the relational needs of the users. Phenomenological analysis of existing projects supports this scenario where the designer is asked to imagine and configure process-space, facing the environment the same way as an open script: an executable, creative, inter-action (in a physical sense) with the users.

At Design department, Politecnico di Milano, she collaborates with D.HoC group (interior Design for Hospitable Cities); since 2006 she participated in research projects conducted by the same department.

Since 2007 she is member of the international educational group GIDE – Group of International Design Education and visiting professor in design schools. As lecturer at the BSc of School of Design, Politecnico di Milano, she teaches both in theoretical and design courses, with topics such as: newtopia, cross-cultural design attitude, contemporary atelier, new “public” for new citizenship, stage design, and so on.