Carlos Llés is a sociologist and urban planner. Professor of Urban Sociology at the University Carlos III of Madrid (1993-2010) , at the National Institute of Public Administration (Basic and Advanced Courses of Urbanism 1983-2011), and the School of Public Administration EGAP Gallega (2006-2009) . He teaches specialized courses on the social use of public spaces in the Foundation of the College of Architects of Madrid , in the School of Architecture of La Coruña and the School of Art and Architecture at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (2007-2011) In the EUSA directed professionally 1987.Es SOCIOLOGY SL from National Research Award for Social Welfare (1987) and belongs to the Spanish Association of Planners ( AETU ) (2000 ) .

He has been part of the management team responsible for drafting 60 regional plans for urban strategic rehabilitation in major Spanish cities (Madrid, La Coruna, Albacete, Huelva, Córdoba, Castellón, Alicante, Toledo, Burgos, Cáceres; Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Seville, Lanzarote Island Plan etc.).
He has conducted more than 400 investigations, applied studies and intervention plans focused on the city, the use and design of public spaces and community facilities, public participation and management of Comprehensive Plans . Lately work has been done, “Assessment of the pedestrianization of the C / Fuencarral Madrid”, “Immigration and use of public spaces in Madrid” and participated in the drafting of ” Cityscape Plan of the city of Madrid”; in the “strategic Assessment for the incorporation of contemporary architecture in World Heritage cities.” and the “functional analysis prior to the design of Central Park in Valencia “.
He has published several books and numerous articles in ALFOZ , CEUMT , CITY AND TERRITORY , and contributes regularly to national newspapers like El Pais and El Mundo.

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