Bernardo Ynzenga is an Architect by the Superior Technical school of Architecture –ETSAM- Madrid (1963, with end of grade exercise price in Architectural Projects an in Urban Design). Post graduate studies and Advancement to PhD Candidacy in Urban and regional Planning, University of California -Berkeley (1967); Doctor Architect, ETSAM (1968).

Begun teaching in 1964 at the school of Architecture in Madrid and has continued doing so, almost uninterruptedly, in different countries and institutions:

Urban Planning and Design Professor  (between 1964 and 1984) at: ETSAM, Madrid; UC Berkeley; COPPE, Rio de Janeiro; IEAL y ETSICCP, Madrid; School of Social Sciences, Madrid.

Architectural Composition Professor (ETSAM, 1985-88).

Architectural Projects Workshop Director, (ETSAM, 1989-2010).

As Ad Honorem Professor leads post graduate courses at ETSAM (Master in Advanced Architectural Projects, MPAA) and at the School of Architecture OF Montevideo -FARQ-, (projects research, Mvd Lab).

He has been director of Planning of the Metropolitan Area of Madrid, General Director of Urbanism in the Ministry of Public Woks-Government of Spain and Vice Dean of the Official Collegel of Architects of Madrid; and has participated in works and projects of organizations such as: The OECD; United Nations; UNHABITAT.

After studies, he resided five years in the U.S.A. and Brazil, working on of City Planning for developing countries. His professional work includes projects in architecture and urbanism, at very diverse scales, in Spain, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America and Latin America. His work has been published in diverse professional magazines and has been presented, as part of the Uruguay selected projects, in the Biennial of Architecture of Venice – 2012.

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