APPLY NOW [MUID]3 starts October 2016


The [MUID] team announces the 3rd edition of the Master in Urban Interior Design, a professional program dedicated to developing new perspectives on public living spaces in contemporary cities through theory, research, design and practical training. It is a challenge to pay attention to the seams between elements in a city, the interstitial spaces: to “mind the gap”, so to speak.

[MUID] is a one year professional program, full-time, taught in English, located in Milan and Madrid and organised by Politecnico di Milano, Italy in collaboration with University CEU San Pablo in Madrid, Spain.

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POLI.Design is a Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano operating in the field of design acting as an interface between universities, companies, and professional organisations, institutions and bodies.



WHEN: October 3, 2016
HOW LONG: 1 year
ATTENDANCE: full-time
WHO: 20 students
WHERE: Milan and Madrid
SCHOOLS: Politecnico di Milano and University CEU San Pablo
DEGREE AWARDED: First Level Master Degree in Urban Interior Design
TUITION COST: 12.000 €

Milan, March 2016 – César, Riccardo, Zeinab, Tabreed, Payam, Angga, Rosalía, Duc, Paola, Andrés and Lucía are architects, designers, urban planners who come from all over the world and have different language, culture and education backgrounds. Along with others, they have chosen to specialize in urban interior design, to start their professional careers in the educational model proposed by the Specializing Master in Urban Interior Design [MUID] from Politecnico di Milano and Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid. The third Edition is scheduled to start on October 3, 2016, once more with the signature.

[MUID] trains the Urban Interior Designer, the professional who focuses on non-built areas such as squares, streets, parks, roundabouts and other undefined urban voids, taking into consideration both the container (built form) and the content (temporary uses). The Urban Interior Designer enters the market with specific competences acquired through a higher education process, ready to blend the knowledge of architects, designers, interior designers and art operators. Not surprisingly, the network of individuals and firms involved in teaching and in student internships includes top leading professionals such as: Studio de Lucchi, Studio Migliore+Servetto, Topotek1, CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti, Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos, Studio Cerri, Design to Users, Les Ateliers, Castelli Design, Esterni, Studio Stocchi, Urban Art Project-UAP, Rebirth Inhabit Research Group, Studio Ghigos, Enzo et Rosso, Ma0, SGS Architetti Associati and Atelier Alberto Garutti.

In the first two editions, [MUID] has bred a new generation of designers – from Spain, Lebanon, Pakistan, Italy, Bolivia, Syria, Canada, Iran, Mexico, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uruguay and Vietnam to name only a few of the countries involved – who were able to rise to the challenge launched by these two prestigious academic institutions: learning a state-of-the-art design method to give concrete form to the urban interiors that will host new collective needs and opportunities.

[MUID] boasts a high-profile educational model made possible by the collaboration of the two top academic institutions involved and a highly qualified faculty. Our faculty in Madrid and Milan includes a multidisciplinary range of leading professionals and academics in urbanism, architecture, interior design, service, product and industrial design, design thinking, construction, landscape, sociology, legislation, public management and sustainability.

Taught entirely in English, the program includes a dual study experience in Milan and Madrid, in which theory lectures alternate with intensive design workshops. Upon successful completion of courses and workshops, [MUID] offers students a direct contact with the professional world. Students will do an internship at leading firms and institutions of the public and private sectors to put into practice their studies and to begin their own professional career.

[MUID] The Third Edition is scheduled for October 3, 2016.

The Specializing Master is open to candidates holding a Degree in: Architecture, Industrial Design, Engineering, Interior Design, Set Design, Fine Arts and related fields. For foreign applicants, equivalent qualifications in the respective university systems will be considered.

For information on the training course and enrolment, please contact POLI.Design Coordination and Training Office:, Tel. +39 02 2399 7217. [MUID]